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About Us

At HomePoint, our mission is to continue our education, be loyal to our clients, and uphold our integrity throughout every transaction.

More than 20 years in the industry of real estate residential. We have come or are in different aspects of the broad real estate field. We share the same passion for the real estate business that has brought us this far.   Our family and friends have given our first exposure to real estate by exploring the real estate market and investment trends back in 1999-2000 buying and holding to sell or lease. We gratefully had the experience of building relationships with many knowledgeable financing consultants that led to our understanding of the lending culture. Our meaningful learning experiences naturally felt necessary to connect to a consortium of entities supporting each other's real estate needs. 


We chose to open our brokerage in the Houston Texas east region to stay welcomed and close to our long term clients. Also, for the convenience of our in house preferred support team that continues to grow from a mortgage brokerage entity  to a title company entity, an insurance provider and now to a preferred property management company entity.  We continue to build and simplify our real estate transactions.

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